There was a game jam called Špongia (sponge) with the topic of “pandemic”. Very original and unexpected I know. The jam itself lasted 17 days and it was kind of an emotional ride. I had two amazing teammates, Havoš (Matej Haverlík) and Viktor. The amount of work they put into world building of REDACTED is astonishing and I want to thank them for that. You can find the source code to the game on github here and the whole package with a compiled version below. Anyways, something about the game.

All of us don’t really have any experience with game making engines such as Unity, Unreal engine or anything really. Graphics also aren’t really our strongest suit so we decided to adjust the style of the game to this. We decided to make an interactive story-based open world console based game. Now I know, console game, that sounds really old school. However with just text to worry about, we could make a much better story with many NPCs and make it generally better. Text and elaborate story go together very well and we decided to go for this style. We chose to work in python because that’s the language we all had the most experience with, plus it offers nice features and modules we could use. When we decided on the basics, we threw ourselves into work.

My task was mostly to make the basic engine we would build the game upon. When I was writing it I tried to make it as independent as possible, so we could reuse it at some point in the future. The first days were mostly Viktor and Havoš world-building and me working on the engine. When I partially finished the base, we could get to the coding of the world itself. We had a lot of stuff planned but unfortunately we were limited by time and couldn’t put everything in.

Overall I am really glad we worked on this project, we had a really good time and I learned a lot of new stuff, tried new things and had to research something about consoles and how they work. If you do play this game, want to work on it or just wanna talk to us about it, you can join our discord server for the game here.